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Bookish Gift Guide

Hello, friends! With so many holidays coming up, I thought I'd put together a bookish holiday gift guide for the readers in your life- and it's okay if that reader is you, I won't tell anyone!

Here's a list of some gifts any readers would love to have for any holiday! I've linked everything I can to the photos, and have done my best to promote as many small businesses as I can! A disclaimer, a lot of these will be Sarah J. Maas-themed items because that's who I'm really loving right now, but I'm adding in some generally bookish and other series-themed gifts too!

Briarwick Candle

Who wouldn't want a candle burning while they're reading? Candles up the cozy factor tenfold, and I love Briarwick so much- they have a ton of different scents from generally bookish candles to more specialized scents specific to your favorite book series- my favorites are the Enchanted Library and Feyre's candle from A Court Of Thorns and Roses. Check them out for a cozy addition to your reading nook!

Art Print

This is one of my favorite things to receive as I love having concept images of my favorite characters! There are so many great ones and if your loved one has a favorite series, searching Etsy for an art print of the characters is always a good way to go. I'm going to put a few of my favorites below!

Here are a few of my favorite art print shops! If you click the name, it'll send you to their website!

Madschofield (some of my favorite SJM art ever!)

SamArtisan (really cool Bridgerton prints!)

Page Art

If you love having art on your walls but you're more in the mood for minimalist art and quotes, I have the perfect shop for you, AND I have a discount code for you! My mom and her best friend Roz have a small business called Bookish Birds, and they repurpose books that were going to be thrown away. They have hundreds of different quotes from movies, books, video games, and pretty much anything you can think of (except ACOTAR quotes, but I'm working on that with them) They also make gorgeous ornaments with book pages!

Use code EMMABIRD for 10% off your order!


It's no secret that I have a simply preposterous amount of book-themed clothing. From sweatpants to pullover sweatshirts to t-shirts, I have it all. Your reader will love any of these to rep their favorite book series or just be cozy while reading (or going to the grocery store, let's be real.) I'll drop a few of my favorite shops for book-themed clothes below!

Favorite Bookish Apparel Shops- If you click the name of the shop, it'll send you to their website!

The Bookish Box (for all of your bookish shirts, joggers, candles, decor and more)

ByLinaMarieCo (she has a monthly subscription box as well as TONS of book-themed clothes)

ShopHouseOfJupiter (my favorite is the Main Character Energy hoodie!)

EnchantedOddities (I have the most crewnecks from this shop! Kayla has periodical restocks and they're totally worth it! Follow her on Instagram (same handle as the name of the shop) to find out when she launches her next collection!

Dust Jackets/Sprayed Edges

For those of us that love a book so much we want multiple copies of it, a set of pretty dust jackets or gorgeously sprayed edges are the perfect gift! I've had my eye on a beautiful set of dust jackets for the ACOTAR series from The Dusty Shop for months. (wink wink, Mom!) A Touch of Magic AU, NerdyInk and Juniper Books also have really well done dust jackets for a lot of popular books!

Another great option for people who would rather look at a copy of their favorite book for hours but only read their regular copy are sprayed edges! The Bookish Shop has a subscription box in which you get a book every month and they almost always have fabulous sprayed edges, but if you're looking for something to come a little quicker, Kathy's Bookish Shop has a ton of drool-worthy sprayed edges for every book under the sun, and you can even order custom ones if she doesn't have them in the shop!

Coffee/Tea + Mugs

You need to stay hydrated while you read, and my drink of choice is tea! I love a good mug of fruity tea while I'm reading under a blanket. I love tea from David's Tea, and they have so many options to choose from! They also have spoons for measuring out tea, mugs, teapots, etc.

If your reader prefers to be caffeinated for their late-night reading sessions, Fable Grounds is a great online shop, they have stoneware mugs and book-themed coffee! One of my favorite mugs is from Fable Grounds, and though I don't typically drink coffee, their flavors look so yummy!

Book Jewelry

A great idea for your reader who is also a writer is a book locket! I got mine from Wanderlust and Co. and I put the names of the books I've written inside my locket so I can carry them with me while I work on other projects! The one I have is no longer on sale but there are two other book necklaces that are super similar!

Audio or E-Book credits

If your loved one is a reader that prefers to listen to their books or read them electronically, a great gift would be credits towards those books! My brother is one of those people who can't sit and read most books but will listen to them happily. I always get him Audible credits so he can listen to books to his heart's content!

Indie Bookstore Gift Card

And if all else fails, any reader would be happy to get a gift card for their favorite local independent bookstore. I'll link Bookmarks, my independent bookstore here, but obviously, if you live anywhere other than Winston-Salem North Carolina, it makes more sense to shop at a bookstore that is local to you!

Bookmarks Gift Cards

And there you have it! What are you hoping to get for the holidays this year? Let me know in the comments!

Xoxox- Emmabird

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Dec 14, 2022

I love these suggest, Emma. Great ideas abound!

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